OXFORD English-English-Malay Dictionary 3rd Edition (Updated Version) (L) 18/19
OXFORD English-English-Malay Dictionary 3rd Edition (Updated Version) (L) 18/19 Dictionary Books Pahang, Malaysia, Terengganu, Kuantan, Mentakab, Pekan Supplier, Suppliers, Supply, Supplies | MBS BOOKS & STATIONERY
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*14,400+ collocations
*3,200 grammar patterns
*36, 000 corpus-based examples
*Illustrations for difficult or confusing words
*Malay equivalent for meanings of words
*24 pages of vocabulary drills designed to reinforce understanding of keywords featured in the currentCER- ALIGNED CURRICULUM
*16 pages of examples, tips and advices on writing
*58 pages of grammar guide, reference material, as well as help with pronunciation, punctuation andvocabulary- learning
Oxford English-English-Malay Dictionary has proven to be the perfect study companion for intermediate and upper intermediate learners to build their vocabulary quickly. It includes the Oxford 3000™ which are used as the defining vocabulary for the 45,000 words, phrases and meanings, so that explanations are easy to understand. Learners are guided to use words correctly and to sound more naturally through collocations, grammar patterns and corpus-based sample sentences provided. The inclusion of Malay equivalents helps learners to build their English vocabulary through Malay, thereby enabling them to use English confidently. Also included is writing tutorial to improve learners’ writing skills by providing models, highlighting key structures and relevant language, and giving advice on how learners can correct and improve their own writing.

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